Grant Information and Applications


This grant can be used to help fund an activity or project to connect school and community.  The WEA RA has designated an annual dues assessment to promote community/school relationships.  This fund can provide monies for education projects to develop ties between your community and a classroom, grade level, department, building or district.  This is an amazing opportunity to help members buils connections with people external to their school or classroom, i.e., parent, community groups, organizations.  Examples are Read Across America activities, family bingo night, volunteer recognition, family literacy day, mother/father-child book club, etc.

Apply for a Community Outreach Grant here.


This purpose of this grant is to provide resources to create deeper involvement in your local and WEA and to strengthen relationships/bonds within your local.  Events should be focused on activities that reach members who are not currently engaged in union activities.  New members are of special interest but engaging your whole local is the goal.  This grant is inteded to be flexible based on your locals individual needs.  Any member can apply but grants must be developed in coordination with your local executive board and assigned UniServ representative.  The dollar amount with vary depending on size of local and type of event.  Examples of local engagement grant use are paint and sip, ice cream social, bbq, focus groups etc.  Be creative!  Have fun!

Apply for a Local Engagement Grant here.


Use this voucher for mileage or grant reimbursement.  Please read it carefully and if you have any questions please call Tracie at 360-943-1776.